Risk Management Services

As part of GT Insurance’s ongoing service development and as a ‘value-add’ to its products, we are pleased to announce a proactive approach in developing Risk Management capabilities for you and your clients.

Online Risk Management Tool

As GT Insurance understands the technical requirements of your customer’s fleet, our Risk Management product (RiskManagement@GT) can work with your clients to improve bottom line performance.

The process will allow identification, analysis and evaluation of risk exposures and provide suitable remedies if required.

This is done by:-

  • Identifying your client’s business risks – understanding their fleet composition, vehicle types and characteristics.
  • Analysis of current and past claims experience – identifying accident trends and claims frequency.
  • Evaluation of risk – identifying risks that require attention and treatment.
  • Recommending improvements – identifying opportunities to improve fleet performance.
  • Monitoring fleet performance – ensuring risk management strategies are appropriate and relevant to the business.

Why Introduce Risk Management?

Risk Management provides a real ‘value-add’ to you and your clients by identifying issues, recommending changes and assisting with business improvements.

When to apply Risk Management?

This will depend on a number of factors including (but not limited to):

  • Does your client understand the Chain of Responsibility requirements,
  • Transport fleets with greater than 10 powered units,
  • Does the client understand the requirements of Fatigue, Mass and Maintenance Management,
  • Fleets sustaining a high frequency of accident rate
  • Fleets with poor driver education processes
  • Business’s operating in higher than average risk profiles, eg, tippers, tankers, logging.

Some of the outcomes or remedies from completing the Risk Management Questionnaire and that form the basis for the final survey report are (but are not limited to):-

Compliance with various legislations, like:-

  • NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme)
  • WAHVA (Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation)
  • Advanced Fatigue Management
  • Basic Fatigue Management
  • Certificates in Road Transport or Logistics
  • Schedulers Fatigue Management

Please contact your GT Insurance Relationship and Development Manager who can assist and advise if this program is right for your client.

There are many factors that will determine if your client will benefit from this program and the staff at GT Insurance are here to help.


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    Risk Management Flyer

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    Dangerous Goods Specific Questionnaire

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    Heavy Motor Fleet Risk Management Questionnaire

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    Heavy Motor Vehicle Driver Declaration

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    Logging Specific Questionnaire

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    Operator Checklist: 1 Truck

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    Operator Checklist: 2-9 Trucks

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    Carriers Transit and Public & Products Liability Declaration