Our Motor Vehicle Claims Promise

Our specialist understanding of the transport and heavy motor industry means we are confident in promoting our motor vehicle claims promise to our valued clients, and equally proud of our ability to properly provide support to the intermediaries.

GT Insurance endeavours to meet its Motor Vehicle Claims Promise that:

  • all new claims will be acknowledged within 24 hours;
  • acceptance or denial of a claim will be confirmed within five days of receipt of all information;
  • settlement cheques of accepted claims will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of final documentation;
  • assessment will be attended to within 24 hours of notification;
  • vehicle assessment will be made within 48 hours of availability;
  • we will keep customers informed on claims progress; and
  • we will keep customers informed on repair progress.

We pride ourselves on offering a trusted and transparent service. Unlike personal vehicles, we understand that accidents involving heavy motor vehicles are not just an inconvenience; it is your business.