Driveline Rideshare

GT’s Rideshare insurance package is specifically designed for needs of all Authorised Uber platform and other ride share drivers in Australia.

Whether you own, lease or rent through the program, GT offer a range of features and benefits for Ride Share Operators.

Section 1 – Covers loss or Damage to Your Rideshare Vehicle and Your liability we pay for Damage or injury caused by Your registered Rideshare Vehicle (other than injury covered by a CTP Policy).

Section 2 – Public and Products Liability is an optional cover in addition to the motor cover.

This Section provides cover in respect of Personal Injury, Property Damage or Advertising Injury. This Section does not cover the entire spectrum of legal liabilities, which You may be compelled to bear under the terms, which are frequently inserted into commercial business contracts by principals lessors or other parties

The product offers a comprehensive list of additional benefits:

Additional Benefits applicable to
Section 1 Part A

  • Agreed value or market value option *conditions apply
  • Difference in excess for rental vehicles up to $5,000 limit
  • Emergency temporary repairs up to $5,000 limit
  • Expediting expenses up to $10,000 or, 50% of repair cost
  • Faultless excess waiver
  • Disablement modification added up to $10,000 limit
  • Employee personal property added up to $2,500 limit
  • Employee psychological counseling – $5,000 limit
  • Funeral expense – $10,000 Limit
  • Delivery expenses up to $2,500 Limit
  • First aid kit
  • Keys and locks up to $3,000 limit
  • Hire vehicle following theft up to $5,000
  • Recovery expenses up to $5,000
  • Reward costs up to $5,000
  • Two wheel and box trailers up to $2,500
  • Repatriation/accommodation expenses up to $2,500
  • New motor vehicle replacement for total loss within first two years of original registration
  • Finance payout up to 20% or $15,000 whichever is the lesser.

Optional Benefits

  • Windscreen excess waiver
  • Hire of a vehicle following accident up to $150.00 per day limited to $2,500.

Supported by local representation of experienced underwriters and claims specialists along with expert assessors & repairers.

Please speak to your insurance broker about the appropriate level of cover for your business needs to see how GT can help.