We prefer to package an operator’s total insurance program for simplicity and security of both brokers and their clients. Our Driveline Transport Package offers the insured a way to obtain all the cover they need, with the convenience of less paperwork and the competitive pricing of a single package.

Talk to your broker about the best way to combine your Commercial Motor Insurance with additional covers to create a package tailored to your needs.


The Covers Available:

Section 1 – Commercial Motor Insurance
Our Commercial Motor Insurance covers loss or damage to your vehicle and your liability to pay for damage or injury caused by your vehicle (other than injury covered by a CTP policy).

Section 2 – Business Interruption (Downtime) Insurance
Our Business Interruption (Downtime) Insurance covers you for the loss of income while your vehicle is not operational as a result of a claim having been accepted under the Commercial Motor Insurance Section.

Section 3 – Public and Products Liability Insurance
Our Public and Products Liability Insurance is a popular choice for business owners in our industry. This policy will cover you for the amount you are legally liable to pay as compensation for certain personal injury and/or property damage, up to a set limit.

Section 4 – Carriers Transit Liability Insurance
When your income depends on what you are transporting, having the best possible cover makes sense. Our Carriers Transit Liability Insurance covers your legal liability regarding compensation for loss or damage to goods and/or livestock, as well as agreed amounts of loss or damage for goods and/or livestock.