GT Insurance Products and Services

At GT Insurance, we offer a range of high-quality products and services specifically tailored to meet the growing demands of the heavy motor and transport industry. We accommodate all classes of insurance for heavy transport operators, not just motor vehicle insurance, and provide a range of additional options to ensure you have the cover that is right for your business.

Our Products

We offer a range of heavy motor and transport insurance products designed to protect Australian businesses. For details, please visit the specific product pages left of screen.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services. Beyond our insurance products, we offer a range of services to help Australian businesses manage their risk and take care of their claims.

About GT Insurance product page is available for download here:

About GT Insurance

  • Claims Management

    Our commitment to excellence in claims service goes beyond expediency in delivery. Our desktop investigation team complements our panel of external adjusters, making use of the latest in digital claims technology to efficiently process a substantial number of accident claims.

    The assessing process we use incorporates ‘Estimage’ technology—an online camera software facility with a 360-degree rotational capability—enabling our team to inspect and adjust damage to a vehicle from our offices, through remote access. This system, adopted by the greater majority of repairers, allows us to make an immediate estimate—improving claims accuracy and saving time and money.

    Our aim is to ensure that the damage incurred in an accident correlates with the damage claimed and repaired. This has the added benefit of allowing us to monitor the cost of repairs, ensuring that only a fair price is paid for replacement parts.

    Expedient claims processing is part of our ongoing commitment to controlling any excess claims costs. By being able to closely monitor and limit these costs, which eventually flow through to our insured client’s premium overheads, we are able to achieve the greatest cost-efficiency for all involved.

    GT Insurance also has a dedicated in-house Recoveries Team, which focuses on similar outcomes, including financial recoveries from third parties at fault, to reduce the claims cost to the insurer and limit the claims history of the insured. This ultimately contributes to an overall saving in premiums.

    In addition, we also offer a comprehensive claims service for insured parties with aggregate deductible policies. Our Assessing and Claims Recovery Division will guide valid claims through to settlement, ensuring maximum recovery from any negligent third party. The specialist service we offer seeks to minimise under aggregate claims costs, and can lead to considerable cost savings for the insured.


  • Risk Management

    Our Risk Management Online Tool is constantly in demand, and there is no add-on charge for this service. You can learn more about our Risk Management Online Tool here, or talk to your broker about how our products and services can provide the protection you need for your business.

  • Simple Steps to Lodge a Claim

    Contact your broker and ask them to lodge a claim on your behalf by downloading a claim form (link to claim forms page)

    • On receipt of the completed claim form GT Insurance will advise you of the claim number and that an assessor has been appointed.

    Claim forms are available for download here:

    Motor Vehicle Claim Form (pdf)

    Property Claim Form (pdf)

    Liability Claim Form (pdf)

    Carriers Transit Claim Form (pdf)

    Taxi Claim Form (pdf)