Carriers Transit Liability Insurance

Available only as part of our Driveline Transport Insurance Package

Our Carriers Transit Liability Insurance is designed to offer you peace of mind while in transit.

This insurance covers your legal liability regarding compensation for loss or damage to goods and/or livestock, as well as agreed amounts of loss or damage for goods and/or livestock.

With the transportation of goods key to many businesses within our industry, it is important to know that you are covered for both your vehicle and its cargo.

What We Cover:

  • All general freight
  • Packaged dangerous goods
  • Refrigerated freight
  • Livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs and herd animals)
  • Vehicle transporters

Covers Available:

Part A: Carrier’s Legal Liability
Part B: Accidental Damage Cover


Part C: Specified Perils Cover

Some of the Standard Features and Additional Benefits:

  • Limits of indemnity up to $2,000,000
  • Legal defence costs
  • Acquired companies
  • Driver’s personal effects – $2,000
  • Removal of debris – $100,000
  • On forwarding costs – $25,000
  • Fumigation and decontamination – $25,000
  • Livestock (agistment, wandering off & mustering) – $25,000
  • Packaging – $50,000
  • Re-securing costs – $10,000
  • Australia wide cover available
  • Loading and unloading
  • Theft and non-delivery

What We Don’t Cover:

  • Property owned by the insured
  • Radioactive goods
  • Bloodstock, stud or prize animals
  • Currency of every description
  • Live plants and trees
  • Household furniture

Please talk to your broker about the appropriate Carriers Transit Liability Insurance for your business and consider the suitability of our PDS for your needs.