Driveline Commercial/Fleet Insurance

Providing cover for loss or damage to your vehicle and your liability to pay for any damage or injury caused by your vehicle (other than injury covered by a CTP policy), our Driveline Commercial/Fleet Insurance comes with a range of standard features and optional benefits.

We cover non-fleet of one to nine vehicles and fleets of ten or more vehicles. Talk to your broker about the appropriate cover for your business needs.

Some of the Standard Features and Additional Benefits:

  • $35,000,000 third party liability, any one original cause
  • $1,000,000 third party liability for dangerous goods, any one original cause
  • New vehicle replacement (sedans, station wagons and under 4.5 tonne GVM) within two years of original registration
  • Sum insured payout total loss or replacement vehicle (bus, coach, goods carrying vehicle with 4.5 tonne GVM or greater) within two years of original registration
  • Finance payout for total loss – up to 25%
  • Automatic additions and deletions – $500,000 limit, 30 day notification
  • Hire vehicle following theft – 30 days, limit $7,500
  • Bodily injury (CTP gap liability)
  • Non-owned trailers legal liability – limit $100,000
  • Difference in Excess for rental vehicles limit $5,000
  • Disablement Modification limit $10,000
  • Employee psychological counselling limit $5,000
  • First Aid Kit restocking or replacement
  • Funeral expenses limit $10,000
  • Keys and locks limit $10,000
  • Retrieval expenses – no damage limit $50,000
  • Cross liability clause
  • Substitute vehicles – section two cover whilst used on the insured’s business
  • Repatriation expenses – limit $5,000
  • Employees personal property – limit $2,500
  • No fault excess clause for sedans, station wagons, bus, coach or other goods carrying vehicle with a carrying capacity of less than eight tonnes GVM
  • Automatic Australia-wide cover

Optional Benefits:

  • Non-owned trailer liability (increased limits)
  • Non-owned trailer (comprehensive)
  • Dangerous goods – increased limits up to $30,000,000
  • Hook liability
  • Dry hire damage waiver
  • Dry hire difference in conditions – Motor Vehicle
  • Hired in and non-owned Mobile Plant
  • Loan repayment protection – Mobile Plant
  • Temporary hire – Mobile Plant