Marine Liabilities Insurance

We have extensive knowledge and experience in insuring marine industry operations and risks.

With the help of our marine specialists, your marina operator or ship repairer customers can choose from a range of available covers to create a bespoke policy to cover their particular needs.


Step 1: Explore the features and benefits of the Marina Operators or Ship Repairers Liability policy.

Step 2: Select and download the appropriate proposal and policy documents.

Step 3: Contact one of GT’s specialists to help you tailor the right policy to suit your client’s needs or email your completed policy form to one of our dedicated team.

Marine Liabilities Policy Options

Marina Operators Insurance

  • Liability for certain third party personal injury and/or property damage which occurs in connection with the insured’s Marina Business.
  • Additional benefits include: salvage/removal of wreck and incidental watercraft repair work.
  • Optional covers for: pollution liability, chandlery/incidental marine sales, catering, vessel navigational liability, errors and omissions in inspections and valuations, material loss/damage to piers and pontoons and consequent loss of earnings

Ship Repairers Liability Insurance

  • Cover for legal liability for damage to watercraft and third party property damage including principal’s liability arising from declared ship repairing activities.
  • Cover available for insureds not using written contract terms and conditions where working solely on small to medium size private vessels.
  • Automatically includes cover for: berth occupiers liability, small boat building/reconstruction contracts, chandlery/incidental marine sales, hired in equipment, errors and omissions in inspection/valuation services, rectification of faulty workmanship.
  • Optional covers for detention, hot work, other work, pollution liability, subcontractors, towing liability, travelling workmen.



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